All Keyways applicants who have received a written decision regarding their housing application have the right to request a review, sometimes known as an 'Appeal'. The request must be made in writing within 21 days of receiving the decision, either by the applicant themselves or their representative.

A senior housing officer will review the original decision, consider the grounds for review, and assess all supporting evidence. The officer may make additional enquiries or request further information to inform the final decision. The final decision will be based on all relevant facts available at the time of the review.

The outcome or decision of the review will be communicated in writing to the applicant within 8 weeks of the review request. A longer period may be agreed, if required, between the council and the applicant. The council’s decision on a review is final and can only be challenged by way of a judicial review.

Please be aware that simply being unhappy with the Keyways band assigned to your application does not automatically imply an error on our part. To support your request, you will need to provide relevant information and evidence.

Why appeal?

The most common reasons why you may wish to appeal include:

  • you were not accepted or removed from the housing register
  • you think your banding priority should be higher
  • you need special accommodation requirements or larger property than you are initially eligible for

How to Request a Review

Before completing the online form, please ensure you have read the North Northamptonshire Keyways Housing Allocation Scheme and have a clear understanding of any aspects of the scheme that you feel have not been taken into account during the assessment of your application.  You will also find more details on your rights to a review in Section 9 of the scheme.

Once you have collated the information to support your appeal, please click on the following link below and complete the online form in full.  If you enter an email address a copy of your request will be emailed to you.

Please note that incomplete forms may not be accepted and returned to an applicant for further details on the reasons for the request and supporting evidence.

Request for a review on a Keyways decision