In North Northamptonshire and nationally, the current level of demand for social/affordable housing far exceeds supply.

It is therefore important for the council to collect and publish accurate data for our customers to make informed choices on their housing options.  Due to extensive waiting times, applicants should consider alternative housing options were possible.  Housing Options can be found under our "Information" tab or click here.

The Keyways scheme also acts as an index of the level and nature of housing need locally which assists with the compilation of the council's Housing & Homelessness Strategies.

North Northamptonshire Council was created on 1 April 2021 therefore data will be available from this date only.


Keyways Lettings 2021/22

Housing Demand (as at 3 July 2022)

Keyways Lettings 2022/23

Housing Demand (as at 4 September 2023)